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Technical parameters and configuration of the plug chain tension testing machine

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Update time : 2021-09-10 11:51:11
                                   Technical parameters and configuration of the plug chain tensile testing machine
The plug chain is mainly used in the automatic feeding system in the breeding industry. It needs to bear a certain load during use and is prone to break or be squeezed. The 50KN electronic tensile testing machine produced by our company can be used to detect the plug chain Tensile strength and breaking force. It is suitable for the internal product quality control of plug chain manufacturers, the inspection of the quality of the plug chain purchased by the breeding factory, and the third-party quality inspection department.
Product technical parameters of plug chain tension testing machine
No. Item Specification
1 Maximum test force 50KN
2 Test force measurement range 1%-100%FS
3 Test force measurement accuracy better than the indicated value ±1%
4 Displacement resolution 0.001mm
5 Displacement displaying accuracy 1%
6 Deformation measuring range 0.4%-100%FS
7 Deformation measuring accuracy 0.5%
8 Deformation resolution 0.001mm
9 Force speed range 0.005-5%FS/s
10 Relative error of force speed control 1%
11 Deformation speed 0.02-5%FS/s
12 Displacement speed 0.01-500mm/min
13 Tensile space 700mm
14 Power supply 220V,50Hz,0.75kW
15 Dimension 720x520x1800mm
16 Weight 350kg
Plug plate chain tensile testing machine testing machine configuration
1 The main loading frame,include
       (1) Zhejiang Dongling AC servo drive and motor
       (2) Force Sensor
       (3) Taiwan ABBA ball screw pair
       (4) Synchronous belt deceleration system
1 set
1 set
1 pc
1 set
1 set
2 Special test software 1 set
3 Computer 1 set
4 Tensile grips for plug plate chain 1 set
5 Compression test plate 1 set
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