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What is the tensile testing machine extensometer

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Update time : 2021-09-14 14:35:08

What is the tensile testing machine extensometer
The extensometer is a sensor that senses the deformation of the test piece: according to the measuring object, it can be divided into radial extensometer, axial extensometer, transverse extensometer, and clip-on extensometer.
Radial extensometer: It is used to detect the radial shrinkage deformation of the standard specimen. It is used with the axial extensometer to determine the Poisson's ratio μ. It converts the radial deformation (or the deformation in a certain transverse direction) into electricity, and then Measure, record or control another device through a secondary meter.
Clip-on extensometer: used to detect crack opening displacement. Clip-on extensometer is one of the most commonly used instruments in fracture mechanics experiments, and it is mostly used in experiments to determine the fracture toughness of materials. High precision, convenient installation and simple operation. When the specimen is broken, the extensometer should be separated from the specimen, which is suitable for static and dynamic deformation measurement.
Axial extensometer: the structure and working principle of the extensometer: strain gauges, deformation transmission rods, elastic elements, limit gauge rods, blades and clamping springs, etc. When measuring the deformation, the extensometer is mounted on the test piece, the blade contacts the test piece to feel the elongation within the distance between the two blades, the elastic element is strained through the deformation rod, and the strain gauge converts it into the resistance change, and then uses it. The appropriate measurement amplifier circuit is converted into a voltage signal.
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