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Working conditions and characteristics of the plug chain tension testing machine

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Update time : 2021-09-10 16:00:15

Working conditions and characteristics of the plug chain tension testing machine
The plug chain is mainly used in the automatic feeding system in the breeding industry. It needs to bear a certain load during use and is prone to break or be squeezed. The 50KN electronic tensile testing machine produced by our company can be used to detect the plug chain Tensile strength and breaking force. It is suitable for the internal product quality control of plug chain manufacturers, the inspection of the quality of the plug chain purchased by the breeding factory, and the third-party quality inspection department.
Working conditions of plug chain tension testing machine
1. The room temperature is 10-35.
2. Relative humidity 80%.
3. There is no vibration around, no corrosive medium, and no strong magnetic field interference.
4. The power supply voltage fluctuation does not exceed 10% of the rated voltage.
5. Install horizontally on a stable foundation with a level of 0.2/1000.
The performance characteristics of the plug chain tension testing machine
1. Using AC servo motor and AC servo speed control system to control the test process, the control accuracy and quality are greatly improved, stable, efficient, low noise (basically no noise at low speed) and the control speed range is greatly widened (0.05-500mm/min ), which is conducive to low-speed testing of conventional materials (metal, cement, concrete, etc.), and high-speed testing of non-metallic materials (rubber, etc.). It can also be used to quickly adjust the test space when there is no load and save auxiliary test time. The test speed meets the current requirements for the test speed of all conventional metallic and non-metallic materials in China.
2. The deceleration mechanism composed of synchronous toothed belt and precision ball screw pair "strong and strong" makes the structure more concise and bright, and the transmission efficiency is greatly improved. The height of the lower table of the main machine and the height of the main machine are also reduced. , The appearance is more coordinated.
3. The dual-space structure with independent tension and compression is adopted, which is easy to operate and avoids the cumbersome change of different test accessories when the tension and compression bend are in the same space.
4. Sensors of different specifications can be configured according to requirements, which greatly widens the test range to meet the measurement requirements of different test loads.
5. The host adopts a fully sprayed plastic shell, which is generous and beautiful in shape.
6. Adopting advanced control technology, with three closed-loop control methods of stress, strain and displacement, each control loop can be automatically switched, and smooth transition without impact can be realized when switching between various methods, and the test force, peak value, and displacement can be displayed simultaneously , Speed, test status, test curve, etc.
7. It can control and maintain the rate of test force, deformation, displacement, etc.
8. It can realize the fast/slow lifting adjustment of the beam when the specimen is clamped, and the operation is flexible and can be switched at will.
9. It has the function of returning to the initial position after the test, which is efficient and fast.
10. It has perfect limit protection function and overload, over current protection, test break automatic shutdown and other functions, reliable and safe.
11. Self-built powerful test database, test data can be saved, inquired, and recalled at any time.
12. Provide a variety of report printing interfaces, users can edit reports in any format according to their needs and print them out;
13. The entire control system has high cost performance and high reliability.
14. According to the national standard or the standard provided by the user, the material is subjected to tensile test, and the test data is counted and processed, and then the test curve and test report of various requirements are output and printed, and load-time, load-displacement, displacement can be selecte —Time, Deformation—Real-time display, zooming, comparison and traversal functions of time and other test curves, and monitoring of the test process. Smart and convenient.
15. Provide professional users with "standard addition program editor" software, users can flexibly add required standards according to actual needs;
16. The test software under the Windows platform has strong data and graphics processing functions, and can instantly print out complete test reports and test curves.
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