concrete compression testing machine

YES-2000 digital display compression testing machine

1. Applications
This concrete compressive strength testing machine is to determine compressive strength of cylindrical concrete specimens and cubic concrete specimens by applying a compressive axial load to molded cylinders or cubic at a rate which is within a prescribed range until failure occurs. The compressive strength of the concrete specimen is calculated by dividing the maximum load attained during the test by the cross-sectional area of the specimen.
2.test method
GB/T 2611 testing machine General technical requirements
GB/T 3722 hydraulic pressure testing machine
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ISO 7500-1 metallic materials-verification of static uniaxial testing machines- parts 1: tension/compression testing machines-verification and calibration of the force-measuring system
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GB/T 11837 concrete compressive strength test method for concrete pipes
AASHTO T22 compressive strength of cylindrical concrete specimens
BS 1881 testing concrete
ASTM C39/C39M standard test method for compressive strength of cylindrical concrete specimens
EN 12390-3 testing hardened concrete- part 3: compressive strength of test specimens
ISO 1920-4 testing of concrete-part 4: strength of hardened concrete
3. Specifications for concrete compressive strength testing machine
1 Force capacity 2000KN
2 Accuracy of test force <±1%
3 Space adjusting mode Manual adjusting
4 Size of upper and lower compression platen 220x300mm
5 Distance between upper and lower compress  platen 330mm
6 Piston stroke 30mm
7 Piston diameter 250mm
8 Rated pressure of oil pump 40Mpa
9 Motor power 0.75KW
10 Dimension 820x550x1300mm
11 Weight 750kg