hydraulic tensile testing machine

1000KN computerized electro-hydraulic servo tensile tesitng machine

1000KN computer control servo hydraulic tensile testing machine
1. Brief introduction
  • Suitable for tension, compress, shear, peeling, tear, test
  • Attractive appearance, easy operating, stable and reliable
  • Dual test space, upper space for tension test, bottom space for compress test
  • Low noise during test
  • Suitable for industries of metal manufacturing, non-metal manufacturing, industrial and mining enterprises, technical supervision, commodity inspection and arbitration and other departments
2. Relative test method
GB/T 2611-2007 general requirement for testing machines
GB/T 3159-2008 hydraulic universal testing machines
GB/T 16826-2008 electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine
JJG 1063-2010 electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machines
GB/T 16825.1-2008  verification of static uniaxial testing machines---part 1: tension/ compression testing machines---verification and calibration of the force measuring system
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GB/T 232-2010 metallic materials---bend test
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3. Specifications
1 Force capacity 1000KN
2 Force measuring range 0.4%-100%
3 Accuracy ±0.5% or ±1%
4 Force resolution ±1/500000
5 Deformation measuring range 1%-100%FS
6 Accuracy of deformation value ±0.5% or ±1%
7 Accuracy of displacement value ±0.5% or ±1%
8 Stress rate 1-45Mpa/s
9 Strain rate 0.001-0.5mm/s
10 Displacement rate 0.02-3mm/s
11 Adjusting mode of lower crossbeam Chain transmission
12 Tension space 650mm
13 Compression space 500mm
14 Distance between columns 500mm
15 Piston stroke 250mm
16 Dimension 800x620x2150mm
17 Grips for round specimen Ф13-40mm
18 Grips for flat specimen 0-30mm
19 Overall power 2.5KW
20 Weight 3000kg