manhole cover testing machine

600KN computer control manhole cover compression testing machine

600KN computer control manhole cover compression testing machine
1. the main purpose of the equipment:
 Microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo manhole pressure tester to detect the type of manhole cover:
a. Steel fiber concrete inspection covers for inspection of under-ground facilities in airport aprons, port terminals, urban roads, highways, motor vehicles that may be driven or parked
b. Steel fiber reinforced concrete inspection covers for non-motorized vehicles such as green belts and parking spaces for site inspection wells
c. Non-pressure-bearing FRP communication manhole covers and other roads and polymer-based composite manhole covers for non-vehicle travel areas

2.Test method
GB 26537 steel fiber concrete inspection manhole cover
GB-T 24721.4 Glass fibre reinforced plastic products for roads - Part 4:
GB/T 23858 inspection manhole cover
CJ-T 511 cast iron inspection manhole cover
CJ/T 327 ductile iron composite resin inspection manhole cover
CJ-T 211 polymer composite inspection manhole cover
CJ/T 121 recycled resin composite inspection manhole cover
CJ/T3012—93 Cast iron inspection manhole cover
JC/T889—2001 steel fiber concrete manhole cover
JC/T948-2005 steel fiber concrete sluice cover
EN 124 Gully tops and manhole tops for vehicular and pedestrain areas part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 6

3.the main technical indicators:
Maximum test force 600kN
Test force measurement range and accuracy 2%-100% FS, accuracy better than 1%
Loading speed adjustment range 0.1-25KN/S;
Effective test space 1000*1000mm
Deformation measurement range 0-20mm
Deformation measurement accuracy 0.01mm
Piston stroke 300mm
4. Protection function:
a) cylinder limit protection;
b) Hydraulic system overload overflow protection
c) Test force overload protection
d) Automatic shutdown protection at the end of overcurrent and overvoltage protection test;