charpy impact tester

JB-300B semi-automatic charpy impact tester

JB-300B semi-automatic impact tester
1.test purpose
The JB-300B semi-automatic impact tester is to measure and determine anti-impact properties of metal materials in dynamic load.
2. test method
GB/T3808-2018 verification of pendulum type impact testing machines
ISO 148-2:2008 metallic materials-charpy pendulum impact test-part 2:verification of testing machines
GB/T229-2007 metallic materials-charpy pendulum impact test method
ISO 148-1:2006 metallic materials-charpy pendulum impact test-part 1:test method
3.1 single support column structure, cantilever hanging pendulum, U-type pendulum body
3.2 impact blade fixed by screws, easy and convenient for changing
3.3 simple supported beam support for samples
3.4 safe pin and protecting cover equipped with the machine
3.5 semi-automatic control, electrical control for pendulum rising, place pendulum, impact and re-place pendulum. Pendulum will be auto rising and placed after one test, very suitable for continuous testing in lab, metallurgy and mechanical manufacturing.
4. technical specification
No. Item Spec.
1 Impact energy 150J,300J
2 Impact speed 5.2m/s
3 Pendulum rising angle 150°
4 Accuracy of angle 0.1°
5 Span of sample supports 40mm
6 Support jaw fillet R1.0-1.5mm
7 Impact blade fillet R2.0-2.5mm, R8mm
8 Distance between pendulum center and impact center 750mm
9 Standard test sample 10x10x55mm,10x7.5x55mm,10x5x55mm
10 Voltage and power 3 phase 4 wire,50Hz,380V,180W
11 Dimension 2100x650x1900mm
12 Weight 450kg
5. standard configuration
1 300J main frame 1 set
2 150J/300J pendulum 1 pc each
3 Motor(install on the main frame) 1 set
4 Inner hexagon spanner S=12 1 pc
5 Supports adjust device 1 pc
6 Sample centering device 1 pc
7 Disassemble device(for change pendulum) 1 pc
8 Foundation bolts 4 pcs
9 Adjust block 4 pcs
10 Protecting cover 1 set