charpy impact tester

JBW-500D computer control low temperature impact tester

JBW-500D computer control low temperature impact tester
1.test purpose
The JBW-500D computer control low temperature impact tester is to measure and determine anti-impact properties of metal materials in dynamic load.
2. test method
GB/T3808-2018 verification of pendulum type impact testing machines
ISO 148-2:2008 metallic materials-charpy pendulum impact test-part 2:verification of testing machines
GB/T229-2007 metallic materials-charpy pendulum impact test method
ISO 148-1:2006 metallic materials-charpy pendulum impact test-part 1:test method
3.1 single support column structure, cantilever hanging pendulum, U-type pendulum body
3.2 impact blade fixed by screws, easy and convenient for changing
3.3 simple supported beam support for samples
3.4 safe pin and protecting cover equipped with the machine
3.5 automatic control from pendulum rising, sample feeding, centering sample, impact and pendulum re-rising.
3.6 Adopt liquid nitrogen refrigeration, lowest temperature can be 196℃ below zero
4. technical specification
No. Item Spec.
1 Impact energy 500J,250J
2 Impact speed 5.2m/s
3 Pendulum rising angle 150°
4 Accuracy of angle 0.1°
5 Span of sample supports 40mm
6 Support jaw fillet R1.0-1.5mm
7 Impact blade fillet R2.0-2.5mm, R8mm
8 Thickness of impact blade 16mm
9 Cooling method Liquid nitrogen refrigeration
10 Capacity of sample box 1 pcs
11 Low temperature range 0-196℃ below zero
12 Temperature control accuracy Fluctuation: ±0.2℃
Gradient: 3
13 Distance between pendulum center and impact center 750mm
14 Standard test sample 10x10x55mm
15 Voltage and power 3 phase 4 wire,50Hz,380V,180W
16 Dimension 1600x850x1530mm
17 Weight 880kg
5. Standard configuration
1 500J main frame 1 set
2 500J,250J pendulum 1 pc each
3 Motor(on main frame) 1 set
4 Pendulum raise device(on main frame) 1 set
5 Auto pendulum place device(on main frame) 1 set
6 Sample auto feeding device(on main frame) 1 set
7 Safe device(on main frame) 1 set
8 Protecting cover 1 set
9 Auto centering device 1 set
10 Supports adjusting device 1 pc
11 Sample centering device 1 pc
12 Proximity switch 1 pc
13 Computer 1 set
14 Printer 1 set
15 Special test software 1 set
16 30L liquid nitrogen cylinder 1 set
6. features of measuring and control system
6.1 Windows operating system, computer screen display, mouse click
6.2 software supports multiple pendulums
6.3 Record impact strength, impact energy and calculate max. value, min. value, mean value and standard deviation
6.4 auto deal with the test data, auto measuring swing cycle
6.5 Absolutely open for system parameters, convenient for clients and users understand and grasp system core
6.6 perfect data analyzing functions, suitable for complicated data analyzing
6.7 store test data in the form of ASC code, can be reprocessed by the user side with any general business report and word processing software
6.8 multiple testing machine can be connect to one single computer by install AD,I/O card.
7.picture of measuring and control system
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